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Palmetto Health Quality Collaborative Public Reporting Page


Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Name and Location

Palmetto Health Quality Collaborative, LLC

1301 Taylor St., Suite 9A

Columbia, SC 29201


ACO Primary Contact

Sarah Perry Orsinger, MPA



Organizational Information:


ACO Participants

    •      Cardiology Associates of Sumter LLC

    •      Carolina Allergy & Asthma Consultants  

    •      Carolina Anesthesiology Associates, PA

    •      Carolina Kidney Specialists, LLC

    •      Centa Medical Group PA

    •      Columbia Heart Clinic

    •      Columbia Urological Associates, P.A.

    •      Department of Internal Medicine

    •      Donen Davis Plastic Surgery, LLC

    •      Elgin Podiatry Institute, LLC

    •      Kraemer Womens Care


    •      Midland Ear Nose and Throat

    •      Palmetto Family Practice, LLC

    •      Palmetto Health

    •      Palmetto Health Tuomey Home Health

    •      Palmetto Retina Center LLC

    •      Pierre Jaffe

    •      Pinner Clinic

    •      Plastic Surgery Consultants, LLC

    •      Professional Pathology Services PC

    •      Sandhills OBGYN Associates, P.A.

    •      SC OB-GYN Associates PA

    •      South Carolina ENT Allergy & Sleep Medicine PA

    •      South Carolina Neurological Clinic PA

    •      South Carolina Oncology Assoc PA

    •      The Dermatology Group LLC

    •      Tuomey Medical Professionals, Inc.

    •      University Pediatrics

    •      University Specialty Clinics, Dept. Family & Preventive Medicine

    •      University Specialty Clinics - Neurology

    •      University Specialty Clinics - Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science

    •      University Specialty Clinics - Obstetrics/Gynecology

    •      University Specialty Clinics - Orthopaedics

    •      University Specialty Clinics - Surgery

    •      Wellspring Family Medicine


ACO Participants in joint ventures between ACO professionals and hospitals

*No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals


ACO Governing Body

Board of Managers

  • William C. Gerard, MD, Chair, Voting Member, Palmetto Health
  • Stephen Metropol, MD, Vice Chair, Voting Member, Palmetto Health
  • Charles D. Beaman, Jr., Secretary, Voting Member, Palmetto Health
  • Jean E. Duke, Treasurer, Voting Member, Palmetto Health
  • Leslie W. Hall, MD, Voting ACO Participant, Department of Internal Medicine
  • Fred Kudrik, MD, Voting ACO Participant, South Carolina Oncology Associates, PA
  • Albert Odom, Jr., MD, Voting ACO Participant, Palmetto Health
  • Scott Petit, MD, Voting ACO Participant, Palmetto Health
  • James Stands, MD, Voting ACO Participant, SC OB-GYN Associates, PA
  • Roman Williams, MD, Voting ACO Participant, Carolina Anesthesiology Associates, PA
  • Thomas E. Brown, Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary/ Community Representative
  • Joseph Brannigan, MD, Voting Member, Columbia Nephrology Associates, PA
  • Kevin Wessinger, MD, Voting Member, South Carolina Pediatric Alliance


Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership Personnel

  • Judy Baskins, RN, BSN, Physician Practice/Ambulatory Care Executive, ACO Executive, Compliance Official 
  • William C. Gerard, MD, Medical Director
  • Anna Kay, Director of Business Operations, Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer
  • Gail Stitham, Director of Operations
  • Elizabeth Sheridan, Manager of Clinical Initiatives Program
  • Sarah Perry Orsinger, Coordinator of PHQC Programs
  • Lauren Burns, Provider Relations Coordinator
  • Terence Lepczyk, Manager of PHQC Admin Applications
  • Betty Bussert, IT Programmer Analyst
  • Caroline Aycock, PHQC Data Coordinator
  • Beverly "Evon" Watts, Administrative Coordinator


ACO Committee and Committee Leadership

  • Participation and Performance Evaluation Committee; William C. Gerard, MD, Chair
  • Clinical Initiatives Committee, Mark Mayson, MD, Chair
  • Infrastructure Committee, William “Tripp” Jennings, MD, Chair
  • Finance and Payer Relations Committee, Jeff Haladay, MD, Chair
  • Executive Committee, William C. Gerard, MD, Chair


Types of ACO Participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO:

The Palmetto Health Quality Collaborative, LLC (PHQC) ACO is a clinically integrated network of providers including:

  •  ACO Professional in a Group Practice Arrangement
  •  Hospital Employing ACO Professionals


Shared Savings and Losses:

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year.

Shared Savings Distribution

To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year.

Payment Rule Waivers

No, our ACO does not utilize the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.

Quality Performance Results

To be completed after the conclusion of the performance year.