Nearly 150 physicians attended the Collaborative Leadership  course taught by Dave Logan, PhD. Dr, Logan is a nationally recognized New York Times bestselling author of "Tribal Leadership". He specializes in organizational culture, cultural change and strategy.


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Who We Are

The Palmetto Health Quality Collaborative is a regionally recognized clinically integrated system comprised of more than 1066 physicians and three hospitals to drive targeted improvements in health care quality and efficiency. Since its inception in 2010, the Quality Collaborative has been committed to increasing the quality of care patients receive by setting higher performance and quality expectations for participating physicians.

Through our focus on prevention, optimal treatment of diseases and the coordination of care across the continuum, we are confident our efforts will continue to create value by improving outcomes for our patients and reducing costs for employers and payers.

Each of our clinical initiatives is

  • Objective: quantifiably measurable, evidence based, credible, and defensible
  • Comparable: representative across all providers within specialty
  • Statistically Reliable: risk adjusted, sufficient sample size and reproducible
  • Controllable: within scope of physician responsibility
  • Important: measures what is important, in accordance with the shared clinical vision
  • Valid: strongly correlated with the effect it is measuring
  • Clinically Relevant: targets provider, specialty, disease state, or population
  • Actionable: provides valuable feedback at a useful frequency on a timely basis
  • Low Data Collection Burden: realistic administrative impact for physicians, practices and the system

Our values report: